Become a Transitional Living Foster Parent

Good Hearts is currently recruiting prospective foster parents who are interested in providing a transitional living, foster home environment for male or female young adults, ages 16 – 22, who are working towards aging out of the foster care system and transitioning into an independent living environment within the community.

In addition to Good Hearts’ minimum requirements for prospective foster parents, those who wish to assist these young adults with transitioning to independence must also:

  • preferably demonstrate prior training/experience unique to this population (e.g. teaching experience, shelter/transitional living experience, etc.); and
  • receive additional training on Good Hearts’ Transitional Living Curriculum.

If you are interested in becoming a transitional living foster parent either in Houston or in Austin, please call us at  281-298-4028 – one of our Foster Home Developers will be happy to speak with you about the process!